Solidaze, the best-known recording and production pseudonym for Luis Francisco Cardona, embraces urban beats and natural rhythms in both his house and downtempo journeys. Always infused with a deep soul and a muted electro sensibility his work resonates with even the most discerning listener. His production and engineering can be found throughout the early releases of the Balanced catalogue as an artist as well as in the final mastering stage. In 2006, Solidaze released the full-length album Pleasure from Precision, featuring the vocals of Sarah Michaelson (aka Mama Cutsworth), followed by a remix collection of this work. He has since contributed tracks to various compilations, remixes and lately a track on our 20-year anniversary series. By Co-founding Balanced Records in 2001 and a DJ career spanning 2 decades, Cardona established his legacy in Winnipeg’s DJ and electronic producer culture.


Appears on

Solidaze – Pleasure from Precision

Solidaze – Pleasure from Precision Remixed

Various – Link Pins

Various – Traffic

Various – Northern Faction 5

Paris to Kyiv – Fragmenti Remixes

Various – 15 Years

20 Years – Kasm, Rise Ashen & Solidaze

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