Artist: Citizen Sound

Cat : BAL – 34

Format: Digital

Release Date: August 24, 2012

File Under: Dub, Reggae 

Citizen Sound & Ammoye are back with their latest single “Addicted”. A driving bass line, blazing horns and distorted guitars sets the tone for Ammoye’s seductive story of her passion for music.

Written & Produced by Aram Scaram. Co-writing for vocals by Ammoye, and featuring Andrew Thompson on guitars and David Buchbinder on Trumpet.

Addicted is the follow-up to previous releases Trouble and Wa Do Dub on Balanced Records that paired this talented producer-singer duo.

Along with the original mix are contributions from heavy weight producers Aldubb, Process Rebel, Wrong Tom, Rise Ashen & Seed Organization connecting the dots to the global dub and Balanced community.