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Cat: BAL-60

Released Dec 9th, 2023

House Dance Mystics is a musical project, the brainchild of Tangent and Rise, housedancers in Ottawa Canada who create sounds to dance to. Founded by Rise Ashen and Tangent in 2023 it aims to showcase them and a community of guest dancers/musicians/djs who perform together across the world in different configurations, both DJing and dancing.

Current guests with releases in the works include Future EOF (NYC), Mr. Kou (Edmonton), Raoul Wilke (Toronto), Afternoon (Montreal) and the roster will grow.

The first single is Get It In and features Housedance Mystic Future (Elements of Freedom) from NYC.  Future is one of the most distinctive and original dancers in the housedance world and Rise and Tangent met him in the mid-2000s and he has been a huge influence on them.

Born and raised in the “Boogie Down” Bronx, New York City, he began his pursuit of **The Elements of HIP HOP Culture** (1979-80) with the ORIGINAL true form of Hip Hop dance ;BREAKIN but soon fell in love with the style of dance known as;Electric Boogie;(NY style POPPING) at the age of ten in his neighborhood and school gatherings. In the dance he learned under pioneers such as Lil Shake and in later years Louie New-wave (R.I.P.). At the age of sixteen (1985), he was introduced to the club styles of “HOUSE” after going to clubs in Manhattan. Having mastered the Hip-hop and House styles, he began to showcase his ability to freestyle in the most challenging forum known to the Street dancer – “The Circle”. In addition to dance, he trained in Martial arts with Grandmaster “Shi-han Dai Rai-Noh” of the Ketsu-Rai Black Winds Association. This duality helped him to fuse his soulfulness with a unique control of his movements giving him an edge over the dancers who only knew how to improvise to beats. Since then he is well known throughout the international dance community for his unique style “fusing” Hip Hop, Popping, House, martial arts, known as HOUSE WAVING In 2007 he entered the World Premier Urban Dance Festival, House Dance International held in New York City, and is a 3X Winner, 2007, 2008, 2010 in the Experimental category. Future is a CORE MEMBER of both “Full Circle Productions” (a NYC Hip Hop dance theater company), and world renowned fashion, dance, and performance family the “House of NINJA” NYC, founded by “THE” legendary Mother ,“Willie NINJA (R.I.P.)”. In 2008, Future officially joined Broadway Dance Center teaching his style in NYC and tours abroad showcasing and sharing his spiritual dance experiences with workshops in: San Diego/L.A. – California, Boston Ma., New Jersey, Washington D.C. Japan (Mainland and Okinawa), Czech Republic (SDK 2009, “PRAGUE TOUR” 2012), England (Hype Dance Studios, Sheffield, *CONTACT* in Manchester, London), Germany, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa Canada, Italy, Bangkok/Chiang Mai THAILAND, Moscow, RUSSIA, Salzburg AUSTRIA, MEXICO, Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Guangzhou CHINA, Manila, Philippines, Minsk Belarus and more.

This song was born in Rise’s studio in Ottawa in 2022 and features Future’s beatboxing, bass vocalizations and words… An ode to the power of the break on the dancefloor, Future’s voice calls out the dancer and beckons him to “get it in” on the floor.

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