Artists: Rise Ashen and Seema D

Cat: BH-05 Format:

Digital Released: October 4, 2011

File under: house, dub, broken beat, electronic

There have been many nights of inner-space drumming and meditative dancing at Ottawa’s Mercury Lounge. After one of these nights, Rise Ashen and vocalist Seema D. headed over to Rise’s studio to jam. There they gave birth to Atma, an ode to inner-space and a call to meditation. This joint studio experience embodied a journey into the dancer’s consciousness, becoming a quest to reunite with the eternal. Strongly imbued with Asian influences, Atma is a percussive, tribal sounding banger that explores the shedding of ego. This recurring theme in dance, the leaving of our terrestrial bodies and joining into the universal consciousness occurs through rhythm. In Rise Ashen and Seema D.’s case, it is the bass drum that maps their path in Atma’s moving meditation.