Artist: Earlyw~rm

Cat# : BAL–29

Format: 12”

Released : November 18, 2011

File Under: Future Dub




Side A: Inhale the Lion, Sky Plan w Keygen, Cassette Was a Thing

Side B: Drop Claw and the Serial Empress, Dirty Bass Dread Skies

With lasers blazing “Natty Droid’s” mesmerizing and mystical dub will propel you outernationally.

Toronto-based Future Dub artist Earlyworm (or as he is known – Earlyw~rm) pulls out all the stops when it comes to time travel dub. This isn’t any ordinary Dub – this is Dub that has traveled across the Galaxy and landed on Earlyworm’s Terra Firma laptop .

Earlyworm’s aeronautic release “Natty Droid” was originally released in summer 2011 on Dubmatix’s Renegade Rockers label and is available for the first time on vinyl with Balanced Records. The EP includes 5 heavy-duty payload tracks that take you on a quest into the extra terrestrial regions of dub space.