Venenosa - Balanced Records

Rise Ashen & Stephane Lefrancois
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BHCD2009-02
Label: Balanced House


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Venenosa is the follow-up to Rise Ashen and Stephane Lefrancois' 2002 release, "Mr Tran Travels in Sound". Accompanying long-time sound conspirators Rise Ashen (Ottawa) and Stephane Lefrancois (a.k.a. Blissom from Paris) are Montreal's Hadiya Roderique (from the band Kobayashi), Ottawa vocalists Andrew Carter and Andrea Figueiredo and Recife, Brazil's Paulo Collier. These globe-trotting cats have created a unique and timeless soundscape which defies classification. Spanning the lush, Brazilian-influenced house vibe of Directions In Rhythm to the futuristic tech-infused experimental dancefloor madness of Obey, to the exorcistic Batuquada of Pogo Nuevo, we find lots of rhythmic vocals and unusual, soulful and radical sounds. Dark and brooding, these tracks are a world of their own where layered percussion blends with crunchy and deep electronic textures. The title track, Venenosa, was just given a treatment by its creators; the Deep Mix takes the song to a new depth on the dancefloor. The name Venenosa refers to the samba dancer swaying to the rhythm of the samba, the delicious and poisonous muse of the Escola De Samba drummers. Maurice Fulton refers to the title track as "one of his secret weapons". We think you'll like it too…


  1. Venenosa (ft. Paulo Collier 09 Deep mix)
  2. Directions in Rhythm
  3. Something Wicked (ft. Hadiya Roderique)
  4. Pogo Nuevo
  5. Obey
  6. Venenosa (ft. Paulo Collier – Sambastate version)
  7. Venenosa (ft. Paulo Collier – Sambastate Quasi-Instrumental)