The Vault, Session 2 - Balanced Records

The Vault, Session 2
Stephane Lefrancois
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-39
Label: Balanced Records

The Vault, Session 2

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Stephane Lefrancois’ follows up on his Vault EP with 3 new cuts crossing into a more energetic, dancefloor oriented collection. Flair is an upbeat, positive track layered with the abstract trumpet playing of Nicolo Bozzano, dubby synth stabs and a steady, marching beat. Sudden Trip delves into an outtake from a live session that builds slowly from a head nodding jam to include glitchy and heavy percussive elements and change-ups. Black Tulip continues with Nicolo’s trumpet riffs and a shuffled snare beat that drops hints of afrobeat rhythms. The Vault, Session 2 highlights Lefrançois’ versatile production skills being able to cater to dancefloor settings while showcasing diverse musical arrangements and moods. As with the first Vault series, original cover art created by Antonio Motta appropriately accompanies the 3 track EP.

Mastered by Green House Mastering


  1. Flair
  2. Sudden Trip
  3. Black Tulip