Uncorrected - Balanced Records

Joe Silva
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BH-04
Label: Balanced House


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Joe Silva's Uncorrected relentlessly builds momentum while merging house rhythms through layers of tech-textures, all form fitted for the most discerning aficionado. Lights Go Black builds the pressure with a big room sound, while the quirkiness of I Forgot is reminiscent of early acid house and Take U Away provides an energetic party vibe. Rounding off the EP are treatments from two Balanced House favourites. Rise Ashen's Uncorrected remix rhythmically injects a different breath with his dancefloor dub. A bumpin' funky version, Alfa Menor (AKA Solidaze) fattens Uncorrected up with his infectious production.


  1. Uncorrected
  2. Lights Go Black
  3. Uncorrected (Alfa Menor Remix)
  4. I Forgot
  5. Uncorrected (Rise Ashen Remix)
  6. Take U Away