Traffic - Balanced Records

Various Artists
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BHCD2009-01
Label: Balanced House


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Balanced House and Solidaze present Traffic, an exclusive digital collection of new, unreleased and classic material from this fresh and independent Canadian imprint. Cruising through a spectrum of house styles, Solidaze showcases his favorite cuts, past and present from his own studio as well as Rise Ashen, Miguel Graça, Moses Mayes, Gavin Froome, Leaf System, and ModX.


  1. Solidaze – Flight Response
  2. Moses Mayes – Being (Solidaze remix)
  3. Solidaze – Anti Animosity (Gavin Froome remix)
  4. Rise Ashen – A Warning! (Miguel Graca’s Prontomix)
  5. Solidaze – Distractions
  6. Solidaze – Still Waters Express
  7. Leaf System – Fisherman’s Dub (Rise Ashen’s Higher Force remix)
  8. Solidaze – Could Be (ModX remix)
  9. Solidaze – Movement Dub
  10. Duende 6 – Level Twelve
  11. Solidaze – Darker Lines
  12. Solidaze – Memory Stain (Metesthetics remix)
  13. Solidaze – Tonal Bed 3