The Vault, Session 1 - Balanced Records

The Vault, Session 1
Stephane Lefrancois
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-37
Label: Balanced Records

The Vault, Session 1

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Stephane Lefrancois kicks off a new EP series with 3 melodic downtempo cuts direct from his studio vault. Straddling a mosaic of global and electronic flavours Summer's Getting Hot has a subtle cinematic build that captures the energy of a busy feel-good live session complimented by jazzy trumpet riffs from Nicolo Bozzano. Bl142 glides into eerie crystalline melodies and bells over a punchy head nodding beat while Swanning Off rounds out the collection with a slower enthralling ambiance punctuated by warm pads and hypnotic synth lines.

With original artwork by Antonio Motta, added vocal textures interspersed by Nat Ya and LeMi, the EP follows in the label's tradition of blending organic and digital production styles with the aim of occupying a newfound musical space.


  1. LeMi – Summer's Getting Hot (feat. Nicolo Bozzano)
  2. Stephane Lefrançois – Bl142
  3. LeMi – Swanning Off (feat. Nat Ya)