Solidaze Sessions - Balanced Records

Solidaze Sessions
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2002-03
Label: Balanced Records

Solidaze Sessions

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As Duende6, Luis Cardona (Solidaze) was itching to put together a house release. 2002's Solidaze Sessions showcased many prominent local DJs and producers, as well as newcomers. Still feeling the international political ripples, the Solidaze Sessions draws audio from the 2001 Summit of the Americas protest in Quebec City. Using music and dance for resistance, Solidaze Sessions is upbeat and positive. It features the best of Cardona's early house material as well as Them Apples, a Joe Silva and Jon Lemmon collaboration. Material is also highlighted from DJ and photographer Jerry G. as well as JNL, Equanim and Kasm.


  1. Solidaze - Right Wrong Issue
  2. Duende6 - Movement Dub
  3. Equanim - New Day Sun
  4. Joe Silva - Them Apples (feat. John Lemmon)
  5. Duende6 - Domingos de Miel
  6. Jerry G - Glow
  7. JNL - Sexy Musique
  8. Solidaze - Flight Response
  9. Kasm - Sub Arctic Assembly
  10. Solidaze - Wind Swept Mind
  11. Duende6 - Four Thirty Five