Ready Remixed - Balanced Records

Ready Remixed
Clinton Sly
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: GH-04
Label: Green House

Ready Remixed

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Green House presents, the follow up to Clinton Sly’s solo debut with Ready Remixed. Calling on a variety of talented and seasoned producers from around the globe, Ready Remixed brings the bass in a whole heap of style.

FLeCK, Variedub, Blue Hill, Seed Organization, Dirty Dubsters and Kowalski put in some heavy hitting remixes, guaranteed to make the second coming of Ready nice up the area. Each mix compliments the vocal style of Clinton Sly while infusing genres which include, Steppers, Dub, Jungle & Dancehall.

People, are you ready?


  1. Ready (FLeCK remix)
  2. The Struggle (Variedub remix)
  3. Strong Like A Lion (Seed Organization remix)
  4. Turn It Up (Blue Hill remix)
  5. Start Di Fire (Clinton Sly remix)
  6. Mad Up (Dirty Dubsters remix)
  7. Ready (Kowalski remix)