Pleasure From Precision - Balanced Records

Pleasure From Precision
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2006-09
Label: Balanced Records

Pleasure From Precision

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Finally released in 2006, we had been hearing Solidaze's Pleasure from Precision demos for over four years. The final version resulted largely from Luis Cardona's collaboration with Sarah Michaelson. Together they created a warm electro-soul aesthetic alongside loose natural rhythms. Pleasure From Precision was balanced between the armchair and the dance floor, but always keeping smooth and thoughtful. Influenced by the social and political climate during this period, Pleasure From Precision incorporates grooves from house, electro, IDM, jazz and dub.


  1. Anti Animosity
  2. Could Be
  3. I Too Call Myself I
  4. Lost Touch
  5. Just Talk
  6. Late Night Movement
  7. In The Meantime
  8. Curve Seven
  9. Nightime In El Canton
  10. Still Waters Express
  11. Memory Stain
  12. Darker Lines
  13. Mood Quartz
  14. Condor Quarry
  15. Different World