One Nation - Balanced Records

One Nation
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-28
Label: Balanced Records

One Nation

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Rise Ashen and Flying Down Thunder deliver a new and unique sound, sharing Algonquin language and chanting through a hybrid of Aboriginal and Urban music. Honouring Aboriginal culture through collaborative composition, and not just sampling, One Nation is a true fusion of the traditional Pow-wow sounds of Flying Down Thunder's Algonquin heritage and the dance-music wanderlust that Rise Ashen brings to the night club. Spanning afro, deep house, nu jazz and breaks, the songs roll into a coherent and avant-garde Pow-wow. The style is brand new, it’s the future sound of Canada.

Watch the Kijigog Nimiwan/Galactic Dancehall Music Video

Juno Nominated for Aboriginal Album of the Year.


  1. Miskojonia - Red Gold (ft William Commanda)
  2. Kijigog Nimiwan - Galactic Dancehall
  3. Pejig Dodem - One Nation
  4. Nigan Mikan - The Road Ahead
  5. Kakina Nimig - All Dance
  6. Pidaban - He Who Comes Walking With The Morning Sun
  7. Inadjiwowin - Unity of Culture
  8. Ijinamowin - Visions
  9. Tebwe Mikana - Path of Truth
  10. Pijak Mamo - Gather Round
  11. Andasokan Nimiwan - Hoop Dance
  12. Ka Minendamin - Appeal (ft Alo White)
  13. Andeg Nimig - Crowhop
  14. Animikika - Thunderstorm