Northern Faction 5 - Balanced Records

Northern Faction 5
Various Artists
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-33
Label: Balanced Records

Northern Faction 5

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The soldiers of the Northern Faction deliver a message of bass, beats and peace in the fifth instalment of Balanced Records' signature series. Northern Faction 5 takes a dubwise dive across both Canadian and global culture. Full on reggae and dubstep breath deeply alongside nu jazz and fractured beats while telling a story of hope in a corrupted world. Rich and complex, this compilation may require several listens to fully digest.


  1. Rise Ashen - Kingpin (feat. Slim Moore)
  2. Citizen Sound - Love Someone (feat. Ammoye, Lotek & Demus J)
  3. Dubmatix - Happy and Deep Dark Dub (feat. Tippa Irie - Subatomic Sound System Remix)
  4. The Seed Organization - Roots Rock Reality (feat. Daddy Scotty)
  5. Nate Wize - Check the Step
  6. Kellylee Evans - Lost (Rise Ashen Remix)
  7. Katalyst 5 - 2 Luvrs (Rise Ashen 4:20 Remix)
  8. Tranzformer - Hydro
  9. Hitori Tori - Bleides Tang
  10. Richie Phoe - Oric Blast
  11. Earlyworm - Dining With Logan
  12. 7FT Soundsystem - Haile Unlikely Dub
  13. RCola - Irie Rebel
  14. The Seed Organization Meets Kasm - At His Majesty's Side
  15. Version Xcursion - Listen (feat. Aay Cee)
  16. Billy Rockwell - Step Up
  17. J57 - Electrauma
  18. Process Rebel - Dubby Go Lucky
  19. Redworm - Caramel Dreams
  20. Dubmatix - Terminator Dub