Northern Faction 4 - Balanced Records

Northern Faction 4
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2008-13
Label: Balanced Records

Northern Faction 4

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With the fourth installment of the acclaimed Northern Faction series, Balanced presents a compilation that delves deep into dub reggae, downtempo and electronic styles. Northern Faction 4 showcases artists from around the globe, with contributions from Noiseshaper, Subatomic Sound System, Dubmatix, Richie Phoe, Chronic Sonata, Hitori Tori, Ancient Astronauts and Dubin Hood. Rounding off the collection are tracks from Balanced residents Solidaze, The Seed Organization, Rise Ashen, Leaf System, Billy Rockwell, Kasm, Fascade@137db and a collaboration between DJ Cain & DJ Brace.


  1. Solidaze – Panorama Dub
  2. Noiseshaper – Universal
  3. Dubmatix – Black Madonna Dub
  4. The Seed Organization Meets Richie Phoe – Zebra
  5. Leaf System – Kashseed (Kasm remix)
  6. Chronic Sonata – Everyday (Leaf System’s SeedOrg remix)
  7. Cain & DJ Brace – Slammed
  8. Billy Rockwell – Cyan
  9. Hitori Tori – Stutter
  10. [email protected] – Won’t Make Me Give In (feat. Leigh Miles)
  11. Dubmatix – Ischense Dub
  12. Dubin Hood – Three Winds of Dubwood
  13. Subatomic Sound System – Walking on the Moon (feat. Rhiannon)
  14. DJ Brace – Delire A Deux
  15. Electric Nosehair Orchestra – NH4 (Ancient Astronauts remix)
  16. Leaf System – Broken Democracy (feat. Malual Luat)