Northern Faction 3 - Balanced Records

Northern Faction 3
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2006-08
Label: Balanced Records

Northern Faction 3

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The first five years of Balanced flew by pretty quickly, and a lot was learned about running a label amidst immense change in the music industry. Northern Faction 3 came about through connecting with other like minded musicians locally and at international conferences. This was the most varied collection we had put together, moving through nu jazz, downtempo, turntablism, ambient and dub. Designed by Marc Remoquillo, we really got worked up over his design. A collage of pencilled faces, we debated endlessly about the information banner and the bar code on the front. Balanced was on the verge of disbanding. Not really, but the topic still comes up from time to time. This was a very personally emotional album; it was during a time of both marriage and mourning in the Balanced Records family. The full spectrum of these emotions is found in NF3, making it a benchmark in the label's history.


  1. Latebloomer -The First Time
  2. Club des Belugas - Coffee to Go (feat. Reiner Winterschladen)
  3. Andrew Yankiwski - Departures (feat. Sherry St. Germain)
  4. [email protected] - Emerald Longevity
  5. DJ Brace - Shades of Red
  6. Lampshade - Mellow Dawn
  7. Solidaze - Fools (feat. Sarah Michaelson)
  8. Pete Samples - Lady Luck
  9. Gavin Froome - After the Rain
  10. The Seed Organization - Point of Focus
  11. Rise Ashen - Yellow and Green
  12. Kaskade - Honesty
  13. Solidaze - Dubiety
  14. Equanim - Sin City Breakers
  15. King Kooba - Static Society