Northern Faction 2 - Balanced Records

Northern Faction 2
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2003-05
Label: Balanced Records

Northern Faction 2

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After titling our first release as Volume 1, we were bound to release a second one. Aiming for a more sustainable business, we began manufacturing in-house, turning out promo at ridiculous rates. The artistic output of our “northern faction” was growing and it came out in the most gorgeous DIY fashion. A limited numbered release, NF2 is a signpost for songwriting that blends downtempo, hip hop, IDM, dub, electro, jazz and global music. Halifax's Gentle makes a cameo, and we meet up with Fascade@137db. Jerry G. returns, and Solidaze gives a remix treatment of Winnipeg legends, The Hummers. Balanced residents The Seed Organization and Mod Parlour Orchestra fill things up with their respective dub and glitch styles.


  1. DJ Brace - Northern Intro
  2. Sohcahtoa - Cart
  3. The Seed Organization - From The Earth
  4. DJ Brace - Rainy Outside Eh?
  5. Gentle - I Get The Job Done
  6. Jerry G - Got The Bug
  7. Metesthetics - Level Twelve
  8. Duende6 - Return To Source
  9. The Hummers - Green Green (Solimix)
  10. DJ Brace - The Fury
  11. Equanim - Interlude
  12. MPO - Lock Rack 36
  13. Sohcahtoa - Quiche
  14. [email protected] - Underture
  15. DJ Brace - Hannsong
  16. Kasm - Weavedream
  17. Equanim - Waking Up