Northern Faction - Balanced Records

Northern Faction
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2001-01
Label: Balanced Records

Northern Faction

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Northern Faction, Balanced Records' inaugural release, was more than a first record on a new label. It was a collective effort from Winnipeg DJs and producers, uniting to subvert homogenous mainstream music. We were eager, idealistic, and determined to make it happen. Originally launched on November 23rd, 2001 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Northern Faction and Balanced became a personal manifesto for bridging dance, electronics, and global cultures. Captured here, in our earliest tracks, are influences reaching from global percussion, early electronic media, urban beats, jazz and dub.


  1. Kasm & Equanim - Increments
  2. Sohcahtoa - Flitter
  3. Phoneme - Most Unsolved
  4. Sohcahtoa - Ranger Over
  5. Nasdweeb - Taktik
  6. DJ Brace - Five More Minutes
  7. Rcola - Rekked
  8. Sohcahtoa - KCTB
  9. Duende6 - Yin Fei Yen
  10. Sohcahtoa - Mixdown
  11. Kasm & Brace - Breaking Out
  12. Sohcahtoa - Parafin
  13. PeeDee - Sunday Toil
  14. Nasdweeb - Amadub
  15. Sohcahtoa - Shift Left
  16. Duende6 - Clear & Blank
  17. Equanim - First Light