Natty Droid EP - Balanced Records

Natty Droid EP
Formats: 12-inch Vinyl
Catalogue Number: BAL-29
Label: Balanced Records

Natty Droid EP

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With lasers blazing Natty Droid's mesmerizing and mystical dub will propel you outernationally. Toronto-based future dub artist Earlyworm (or as he is also known - Earlyw~rm) pulls out all the stops when it comes to time travel dub. This isn't any ordinary dub, this is dub that has traveled across the galaxy and landed on Earlyworm's Terra Firma laptop. Earlyworm's aeronautic release Natty Droid was originally released in summer 2011 on Dubmatix's Renegade Rockers label and is available for the first time on vinyl with Balanced. The EP includes 5 heavy-duty payload tracks that take you on a quest into the extra terrestrial regions of dub space.


  1. Inhale the Lion
  2. Sky Plan w Keygen
  3. Cassette Was a Thing
  4. Drop Claw and the Serial Empress
  5. Dirty Bass Dread Skies