Music In The City - Balanced Records

Music In The City
Rise Ashen
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-38
Label: Balanced Records

Music In The City

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Music In The City is Rise Ashen's first solo record in 8 years. It is an epic 19 song journey into the depths of Rise's musical world where he seamlessly fuses everything from traditional Inuit Throat Singing to Reggae the way only he can... in a timeless and classy original flavor! The record is Organic and lush, spans futuristic House, Dancehall and Breaks, it is melodic and hypnotic and no matter how many times you listen to it, you keep hearing more... It features an amazing cast of collaborators including the captivating Meduza Ma'at of the Montreal band Nomadic Massive, the powerful Ottawa crooner Slim Moore (Slim Moore and The Markays), the amazing Toronto based Kobotown, Toronto's Rose from the mesmerizing ensemble L.A.L., the virtuoso St├ęphane Vera, keyboard player to King Britt among others, the phenomenal Brazillian percussionist Tamima Brasil, Ottawa's talented Disco Godfather Trevor Walker, the captivating throat Singers Cynthia Pitsiulak of the band Tumivuut and Iqaluit based Lil Bear, smooth as silk Toronto based R+B Singer Nick-e, intriguing Montreal singer-songwriter Mnemonic, highly-skilled Ottawa Guitarist Musk Ox, multi-talented Ottawa MC Ben Jammin, the deadly London UK based percussionist Stephane Lefrancois (LeMi, Blissom) and Toronto Actor-Spoken Word artist Hamza Adam... Open your mind and enter Rise's futuristic global dance-music world!


  1. Oh
  2. I Am (feat. Meduza Ma'at of Nomadic Massive)
  3. Abatina Rise (Kobotown vs. Rise Ashen)
  4. Little Shark (feat. Lil' Bear)
  5. Music in the City (feat. Nick-e)
  6. Another Turn (feat. Slim Moore)
  7. Complicated Girl (Mnemonic vs. Rise Ashen)
  8. Jard'infini (Musk Ox vs. Rise Ashen)
  9. Path to Follow (feat. Meduza Ma'at of Nomadic Massive)
  10. Openize (feat. Ben Jammin and Nick-e)
  11. Brazalien (feat. Tamima Brasil)
  12. Beat for Klassic
  13. I'm Comin Down (feat. Hamza Adam and Stephane Lefrancois)
  14. Shining Star (feat. St├ęphane Vera)
  15. Mad Street Suite (feat. Rosina of LAL)
  16. Love Is Not a Place to Hide (feat. Peter Gould)
  17. Nalliutivuk - The Time Is Now (feat. Cynthia Pitsiulak)
  18. Twisted
  19. Music is Goin On