Mod Parlour Orchestra - Balanced Records

Mod Parlour Orchestra
Billy Rockwell
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2004-06
Label: Balanced Records

Mod Parlour Orchestra

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The Mod Parlour Orchestra was a Billy Rockwell project surrounding a musical troupe of discarded machine musicians led by a frenetic maestro. This EP had Billy neurotically living out his own edited film soundtrack. Brought to life visually by noyz319, this was a fun release to put together. A trading card, available with the CD, was designed for Glick, an unmarketable musician from the Mod Parlour Orchestra. We also continued DIY packaging, with a full wrap around sticker on a digipak. The Balanced assembly line had a such a pain getting those stickers on, we haven't done it since. That said, this is some messed up stuff... and dammit, it comes with a trading card.


  1. Castor Promod
  2. Glick InToc
  3. Second Hand Smoke
  4. Pas We One
  5. Sunshine is The Color of My Orange
  6. Vita and Clyde
  7. Pasweon Spemotia