Link Pins - Balanced Records

Link Pins
Various Artists
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2007-11
Label: Balanced Records

Link Pins

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Everything about Link Pins was collaborative. Packed with remixes and joint efforts, this is a goldmine of choice cuts for the dancefloor or the lab. In addition to exclusive tracks and remixes, Link Pins introduces Leaf System - a dubwise trio between Rise Ashen, The Seed Organization, and Kasm. Link Pins pivoted the label towards the dub vibe that had always been a major part of the Balanced sound. Contributing to this collective effort were many graphic designers at Red River College, with the final packaging and multimedia design by Beth Romphl. Link Pins is full of nothing but gems, musical machinations and organic rhythms.


  1. Fascade@137db – Character of the Moment (Sinewave remix)
  2. Solidaze – Curve Seven (Rise Ashen remix)
  3. Leaf System – Fisherman’s Dub
  4. The Seed Organization Meets Chronic Sonata – Whirlwind Dub
  5. Kasm & Equanim – Sky Hook
  6. Brace & Soulglo – Brace Your Soul
  7. Angelo Badalamenti – L’adversaire ([email protected] remix)
  8. Billy Rockwell & Sohcahtoa – James Woods News @ 6
  9. Solidaze & The Art Party – Thoughts Return to You
  10. The Seed Organization – Point of Focus (Cay Taylan remix)
  11. Leaf System – Rocket Dub
  12. Rise Ashen & Blissom – Chicken Soup
  13. Rise Ashen – Fight to Hang On (Kasm remix)
  14. Solidaze – Could Be (Mod X remix)
  15. Solidaze – Anti Animosity (Gavin Froome remix)