Instrumental Language - Balanced Records

Instrumental Language
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2002-02
Label: Balanced Records

Instrumental Language

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CD / Vinyl

Steve Boyd impressed us so much with 'First Light' on Northern Faction, we had to hear him do an album. As Equanim (eh 'KWAN em), Boyd was prolifically writing tracks, and these became Instrumental Language. Boyd was trained in classical piano and jazz for over 15 years, most notably under Marilyn Lerner. This strong background coupled with a love for hip hop beats led Instrumental Language to a Westeran Canadian Music nomination for “Outstanding Instrumental Recording in 2003.


  1. There Was Sound
  2. For Soul
  3. Regeneration
  4. Rise Fall Build Return
  5. Liquid Mind
  6. Not a Chance
  7. Low
  8. Lower
  9. Inner Space
  10. Fluid
  11. The Other One
  12. Planned Chaos
  13. Full Motion
  14. Patience
  15. Still Hope
  16. The Last Door