Fragmenti Remixes - Balanced Records

Fragmenti Remixes
Paris To Kyiv
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-42
Label: Balanced Records

Fragmenti Remixes

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Paris To Kyiv’s Fragmenti recording was originally released in 2005, a sonic tapestry of ancient Ukrainian song fragments and contemporary sounds. Fragmenti marked the group’s fourth recording and first international release for singer Alexis Kochan and her many collaborators. Recorded in New York and Winnipeg, Fragmenti broke stereotypes and genres by marrying electric elements, meditative grooves and overtone singing to Kochan’s signature Ukrainian folk poetry.

Nearly 11 years later, after circulating throughout the roster of artists on Balanced Records, a remix album has been compiled. The musical topography in this collection is vast and mystifying and is a testament to the collection of artists who themselves occupy such distinct and differing musical backgrounds. One of the prominent contributors to the project is Ottawa-based producer Rise Ashen, a 2012 Juno award nominee. Rise's flare for weaving worldly flavours to his music is evident in the upbeat dancefloor version of “Oj U Poli Mohyla” as well as a more laid-back reggae inspired take of “Harmoniques”. Renowned Winnipeg soundscape artist Ken Gregory offers two versions of “Dark Bird” transporting listeners to a barren and desolate landscape. Brooklyn’s underground hip hop chemist J57 creates a beat heavy, head nodding approach to “Call”.

A former contributor to Cirque de Soleil, Juno winner and head of Montreal's Pronto Musique, Miguel Graça also lent his talents to the release with a gorgeous slow building rendition of “Trans-Siberian Blues”. Other contributors include celebrated Greek artist and DJ Cayetano and veteran Winnipeg composer and house music producer Joe Silva who opts for a more cinematic downtempo offering of “Call”. Ottawa’s Canadian house music pioneer Trevor Walker creates one of the most DJ and club friendly tracks with his Lifeboogie remix of “Oj Na Nebi Oblaczko”. Swedish sound designer Anders Peterson was originally on board for his mastering skills but became so inspired by the collection that he produced his own version of “Harmoniques” venturing into a more left field, dramaturgical interpretation. Completing the collection, are a pair of remixes by Balanced Records’ founders Kasm and long time label pillar Luis Cardona aka Solidaze.

The sonic gestalt that emerges from this release is a vivid, otherworldly artifact, sure to leave listeners rediscovering new elements and narratives with each listen.

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  1. Call (Joe Silva Remix)
  2. Trans-Siberian Blues (Miguel Graça Remix)
  3. Dark Bird (Ken Gregory Remix 2)
  4. Harmoniques (Rise Ashen Dub)
  5. Call (J57 Remix 1)
  6. Dream (Kasm Remix)
  7. Trans-Siberian Blues (Cayetano Remix)
  8. Oj U Poli Mohyla (Rise Ashen Club Mix)
  9. Oj Na Nebi Oblaczko (Lifeboogie Remix)
  10. Golden Years (Solidaze Remix)
  11. Call (J57 Remix 2)
  12. Harmoniques (A.P. Remix)
  13. Dark Bird (Ken Gregory Remix 1)