Earth Dragon - Balanced Records

Earth Dragon
Rise Ashen
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-23
Label: Balanced Records

Earth Dragon

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Earth Dragon refers to an ancient form of kung-fu known for grounded power. Rise Ashen feels the Earth Dragon is a symbol of our world. Silently, this powerful dragon has let humanity consume all it wants from her. Having gone too far, we are angering the dragon. Earth Dragon is a rousing call to action and a global spiritual awakening. Taking shape at the crossroads of technology and tradition, Earth Dragon is a dance record that was built to last. It radiates a beautiful blend of percussive and loungy jazz equally appropriate in the club, car, or the living room.


  1. Change Our Ways
  2. Rock This Beat
  3. Howyougonnaliveyourlife
  4. Fight To Hang On
  5. Cancun Para Sus Almas
  6. Harpsody
  7. Seasons
  8. Earth Dance
  9. Let It Move You
  10. One Love