Debut - Balanced Records

Silla + Rise
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: Bal-44
Label: Balanced Records


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CD / Vinyl


Silla and Rise's debut album is a sonic experiment blending Inuit throat-singing and futuristic dancefloor beats. Silla are Cynthia Pitsiulak (Kimmirut, NU) and Charlotte Qamaniq (Iglulik, NU) their name comes from the word "Sila" in their Inuktitut dialect meaning weather. Sila is what surrounds us; it is what connects us to our land, to the moon, sun and stars, the ocean and the air we breathe. In respecting and honouring the need to preserve Inuit culture and paying homage to our land and the strong connection to its spirituality, they experience and perform the sounds of traditional and contemporary throat songs. Rise is Ottawa’s Rise Ashen, a Juno Award nominated global-grooves producer, DJ and dancer who has spent his life pursuing the intersection of traditional and futuristic music.


  1. Kuluk - Summer
  2. Kuuq - Flood
  3. Atausiq – One
  4. Tuniit Rock
  5. Unnuaq – Bad (feat. Melody McKiver)
  6. Maujaraq – Snow Dub
  7. Qila – Starseed
  8. Nuna – Organix
  9. Piluk – Velvet
  10. Mumiruti – Dance to This
  11. Kuluk – Summer Love (Club Mix)