Crazy Spirit - Balanced Records

Crazy Spirit
Rise Ashen
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-25
Label: Balanced Records

Crazy Spirit

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The craziest of dancing spirits has come down on me. It has blessed me with inner light, and the love of a woman. It has led me towards harmony. In my martial artist's pursuit of the state of no mindedness, I have glimpsed at the vast, tranquil mirror of the universe. I hope these sounds I have gathered will take you back to the deepest cellular memory that you each have within you... of a time where the world was in balance. In our common past there has been strife, but we have never sunk this far into excess. May we each cultivate every aspect of our life with the deepest respect for all things. All we have is every instant of our time. All we can do is aim to make every breath, every thought and every action as pure as the light which blesses us from the heavens each morning as we awaken. Every element of our world is connected to every other. Nothing is isolated. One must take nothing for granted. Every thought and every action should feel as if it were all you have ever known.


  1. Don’t Lie
  2. Dance and Free Your Body
  3. Yellow and Green
  4. Atma
  5. Chaleur
  6. The Complexities of the Feelings of Life
  7. Gunz in Space
  8. Love is the Answer
  9. Crazy Spirit
  10. Time is a Sword
  11. The Future Always Comes Along
  12. Raven
  13. Future Soul Soldiers