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Citizen Sound
Citizen Sound
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-31
Label: Balanced Records

Citizen Sound

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Citizen Sound's self-titled debut album explores early sound system culture and its continues influence on the music scene worldwide, and particularly within the Canadian scene. Producer Aram Scaram teams up with some of Canada's premier singers & musicians bringing his home-grown vision to life. The end result is an exciting fusion of dub, reggae, soul & hip-hop.

Paying tribute to the foundational roots, while taking the sound into the future, this album features Juno winners Blessed, Dubmatix, Prince Blanco, and Richard Underhill. Rising stars Ammoye, Treson, Grand Analog & Len Bowen also make their mark. Rounding off this Canadian roster includes the exceptional Andrew Thompson, David Buchbinder and Natewize. The album features exclusive remixes by the aforementioned Natewize as well as a dubwise remix by Toronto's Dubtrak and a roots dubstep remix from reggae producer The Seed Organization.


  1. Wa Do Dub (feat. Ammoye)
  2. Come What May (feat. Treson)
  3. Reggae Is Her Name (feat. Blessed)
  4. Runaway (feat. Len Bowen and Grand Analog)
  5. Rebel Dub (feat. Prince Blanco & Ammoye)
  6. Trouble (feat. Ammoye)
  7. Riddim Culture (feat. Richard Underhill)
  8. Tuff Dub (feat. Prince Blanco)
  9. Dubmatix - Give Thanks (feat. Ranking Joe - Citizen Sound remix)
  10. Runaway (feat. Len Bowen and Grand Analog - Natewize Remix)
  11. Trouble (feat. Ammoye - The Seed Organization Remix)
  12. Trouble (feat. Ammoye - Dubtrak Remix)