Character of the Moment - Balanced Records

Character of the Moment
Formats: CD / Digital
Catalogue Number: BCD2005-07
Label: Balanced Records

Character of the Moment

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We first heard teh work of Fascade@137db in 2002 with his independently released Premonition EP. We were so impressed with his work, we started releasing this unknown Winnipeger's stuff. We never did ask him about the curious spelling of his production name, and we really didn't care, his beats were dope. Character of the Moment goes soulfully deeper into moody cinematic environments. It draws from the lyrical talents of Sarah Michaelson (Mama Cutsworth), Fenom (Bonafide), Flutegirl, and Karen Asmundson (Querkus). Released in a aluminium metal container, it is bound by a cardboard sleeve designed by Poultry.


  1. Character of the Moment
  2. About a Year Ago Today (feat. Sarah Michaelson)
  3. Finger Traps (feat. Flutegirl)
  4. Full Intent
  5. Between the Worlds
  6. Carbon Calls 211
  7. Give a Little (feat. Fenom)
  8. Questionable Content
  9. The Better Traits (feat. Karen Asmundson)
  10. Get Off
  11. Turning Walls
  12. Never Meant (feat. Fenom)