Can’t Divide - Balanced Records

Can’t Divide
Seed Organization
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: GH2
Label: Green House

Can’t Divide

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The next crop from the Green House features the Seed Organization’s heavy rootstep riddim and a powerful voicing by Clinton Sly. In his lyrics, Clinton explains how to bring unity to the world through the power of music. New-school junglist El Richee gives the tune some manic ragga-jungle remix treatment. A dub mix by the Seed Organization as well as the raw riddim round out the release.

Mastered by Green House Mastering


  1. Can't Divide (feat. Clinton Sly)
  2. Can't Divide (feat. Clinton Sly) [Dub]
  3. Can't Divide (feat. Clinton Sly) [El Richee Remix]
  4. Can't Divide (feat. Clinton Sly) [Riddim]