Bumpy’s Lament - Balanced Records

Bumpy’s Lament
Richie Phoe
Formats: 7-inch Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Number: BS2009-14
Label: Balanced Records

Bumpy’s Lament

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Hailing from Brighton, UK, Richie Phoe drops "Bumpy's Lament", a dubwise reinterpretation of the Isaac Hayes classic, released as a 7-inch single on Canadian label Balanced Records. Deep and rolling, "Bumpy's Lament" is sure to please connoisseurs of funky reggae. On the B-side, Phoe delivers positive vibes with "Electric Boogie", a nod to '80s dancehall destined to brighten the smokiest of rooms.


  1. Bumpy’s Lament
  2. Electric Boogie