Addicted - Balanced Records

Citizen Sound featuring Ammoye
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-34
Label: Balanced Records


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Citizen Sound & Ammoye are back with their latest single Addicted. A driving bass line, blazing horns and distorted guitars sets the tone for Ammoye's seductive story of her passion for music. Along with the original mix are contributions from heavyweight producers Aldubb, Process Rebel, Wrong Tom, Rise Ashen and The Seed Organization connecting the dots to the global dub and Balanced community.


  1. Addicted
  2. Addicted (Aldubb Remix)
  3. Addicted (Wrong Tom Remix)
  4. Addicted (Rise Ashen Remix)
  5. Addicted (The Seed Organization Remix)
  6. Addicted (Process Rebel Remix)
  7. Addicted (Instrumental)