15 Years of Balanced - Balanced Records

15 Years of Balanced
Various Artists
Formats: Digital
Catalogue Number: BAL-45
Label: Balanced Records

15 Years of Balanced

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Fifteen years ago, surrounded by an ocean of wheat and snow, Balanced Records was created to harness the talent from a collective of emerging Winnipeg electronic producers. Since that time, the label’s catalogue of close to 60 titles has included tracks from artists around the globe pushing their artistic and creative limits outer-nationally. And now we have a singular snapshot of the label’s legacy, 35 key tracks from over the years with a number of unreleased and newly remixed gems to guide the sonic path forward.

Classic and unreleased dub and reggae tracks by Richie Phoe, Dubmatix, EarlyW~Rm, Seed Organization, Kasm and Rise Ashen solidify the signature Balanced sound. From the label’s downtempo roots, Equanim, Solidaze, Nate Wize, J57 and Anders Peterson (A.P.) come through while on a deeper house tip, Joe Silva, Metesthetics (aka Solidaze), Stephane Lefrançois (S L F) and Ali Khan cover things.

New to the roster are some heavy hitting bass artists like Daega Sound, Geode and Toltek each remixing various tracks by Rise Ashen and some of his collaborators. The trio of remixes continues the label’s longstanding mission of assimilating cutting edge styles. Other newcomers include Tomahawk Bang who adds two deep head nodding remixes of Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen and Silla + Rise. A pair of veteran Winnipeg producers join the comp, with moody instrumental hip hop contributions from Crabskull and DJ Kutdown.

While the monumental comp approaches nearly 3 hours of listening time, it is necessarily robust in capturing the breadth and range of styles that Balanced has come to embody. Sit back and buckle up for the journey!


  1. EarlyW~Rm – Alien Pipe
  2. Clinton Sly – The Struggle
  3. Rise Ashen - Abatina Rise (Kobotown Vs Rise Ashen)
  4. Nate Wize – Check the Step
  5. Ammoye & Rise Ashen – New Recipe (Daega Sound Remix)
  6. S L F & Rise Ashen feat. Paulo Collier – Venenosa (Geode Remix)
  7. Homegroove Project – Miss Me (Kasm Remix)
  8. Silla + Rise - Atausiq (Tomahawk Bang Remix)
  9. S L F – Upwardly Mobile
  10. Ali Khan – Love Poem (Conga Mantra Mix)
  11. Metesthetics – Transport
  12. Joe Silva – Lights Go Black
  13. S L F – Soutenu
  14. Fr33dom People & Rise Ashen –Choose Love
  15. Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen - Kijigog Nimiwan - Galactic Dancehall
  16. LeMi featuring S L F – Summer’s Getting Hot
  17. Metesthetics – Gambler’s Ruin
  18. Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen - Kakina Nimig - All Dance (Tomahawk Bang Remix)
  19. Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen – Rock Your World (Toltek Remix)
  20. Citizen Sound - Trouble (Rise Ashen Club Mix)
  21. House of David Gang – Reggae Warrior (Seed Organization Remix)
  22. Richie Phoe – Apache Rising
  23. Dubmatix featuring Tenor Fly – Show Down (Bam Bam Mix)
  24. Seed Organization & Kasm – At His Majesty’s Side (Remix)
  25. Richie Phoe – Clouds Outernational
  26. J57 – Art$y Bruh
  27. Nate Wize – Sunset Orange
  28. Metesthetics – Snow
  29. Crabskull – Anunnaki
  30. DJ Kutdown – Omerta
  31. J57 – Pain-Sober Requiem
  32. Crabskull – Catswinger
  33. Solidaze feat. Sarah Michaelson – Nighttime in El Canton
  34. Equanim – Still Hope
  35. A.P. – Reembrace (Serial Version)