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Rise Ashen Re-Releases

Rise Ashen Re-Releases

April 25th, 2011

We are excited to have the privilege of releasing three classic Rise Ashen albums that haven't been available digitally until now.

Common Ground - First released in 2002, this Canadian world-jazz duo draws from the Middle Eastern, African and Latin dance-floors. Deep layers of instrumentation are united together with globalist ideals in a rhythmic testament.

Earth Dragon is a dubbed-out excursion into broken grooves from the four corners of the world. The textures and melodies are bred from dub reggae, Indian fusion, Scandinavian folk, American r&b, house and jazz. Historically, this was the album that brought Balanced and Rise Ashen together over 7 years ago.

Crazy Sprit - Originally released in 2005, this album was the culmination of two years in the studio for Rise Ashen between 2003 and 2005. We are proud to re-release it digitally in 2011!

In Rise Ashen's own words:

This album took me 2 years to create. It corresponds to my re-birth as a dancer, to my detachment from reality as a martial artist, and to my realization that the political system is a sham and our national democracy dead.