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10 Questions With… Process Rebel

10 Questions With… Process Rebel

February 14th, 2014

Rounding out the anniversary week celebration of his Code Fusion EP, Amsterdam's Process Rebel drops by the Balanced HQ to answer our 10 Questions. Check out the Code Fusion EP Preview Video and the free download of How It Go (Kasm Instrumental Remix), too.

  1. What musical projects have you been working on lately?

    I go back and forth about whether or not to do a full-length album. I have enough material and it has to go somewhere eventually. I also have some good collaborations going. One is an EP with Maga Bo and vocalist Teba Shumba; another tune with Kasm that also features Teba and Daddy Spencer; and an instrumental tune with Kush Arora.

  2. When did you start making music and what made you start?

    I was fascinated with sound making toys as a child. In the sixth grade I attempted to play saxophone and very much sucked so I switched to guitar. Throughout high school and into college I studied with many of the Seattle area hotshot guitarists and went on to play and sing in a couple of psychedelic rock bands between 1990-94. Then I moved to San Francisco and began doing some experimental stuff under the name Totemplow.

  3. How would you describe your current sound?

    I don’t play by genre guidelines, so that’s a difficult question to answer... and it really depends on whom I’m describing it to! Is it an old family friend in their twilight years with little interest in music or is it music blogger or writer at Pitchfork.

  4. Who are your biggest influences; musical or otherwise?

    Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, King Tubby, Lee Perry, Bruce Lee, my wife and so many more. I love science fiction and fantasy.

  5. What is an average day in your life?

    A lot of music related thoughts and plans, business ideas, screenplays, novels and adventure fantasies swirl around in my head constantly. Some might call me a dreamer but it’s also a creative visualization.

  6. What are some of your pet peeves?

    Bad avocados, fast scooters in the bike lane (I live in Amsterdam - there are lot’s of them), crappy service in restaurants... oh... and idiots - especially the self-centered and obnoxious type!

  7. Thinking back to your childhood, what were your first experiences with music? What songs do you remember most as a child?

    As a small child I recall my mother buying children’s records for me and playing them for me on out huge wooden hi-fi stereo. It was the size of a refrigerator on in its side! Faves were the Disney stuff like Fantasia, Peter and the Wolf and Robin Hood.

    My family lived in Southern California when I was a young kid and we moved into a new house just before I went to the 4th grade and someone had left a case with a few cassette tapes in the house. I bought a General Electric voice cassette recorder with money from my paper route so I could play them. Two that I can remember were Leo Sayer ‘Endless Flight’ and Seals and Crofts ‘Greatest Hits’. My aunt’s boyfriend came over and was not impressed with the music! The next time he was stopped by he had a copy of the hot new band at the time Van Halen’s debut album and The Knack ‘Get The Knack’. That started me rolling and within weeks I was into Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, AC/DC...

  8. Do you have any other interests or talents that you would like to share?

    I like to write. In my teens and early twenties I studied Tae- Kwon-Do and Hung Gar Kung-Fu and that influence is more still with me in a philosophical sense. I‘ve recently started running.

  9. How do you like to relax when you are not making music?

    I love to watch movies and learn about the making of them... especially the sound design. I enjoy reading and spending time with my wife. We both have history working in the food and beverage/service industry and eat out often while playing at being restaurant critics.

  10. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

    Yes. Thank you so very much for all of the support that Balanced Records has shown my work over the past few years! It’s been great working with you guys, I have great respect and I count you among my top colleagues. Come to Amsterdam again soon!