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10 Questions With… 7FT Soundsystem

10 Questions With… 7FT Soundsystem

February 28th, 2012

The 10 Questions With... series continues by spotlighting another Northern Faction 5 artists. South Africa's 7FT Soundsystem has been dropping killer digi-dub for years and we're happy to have him on our roster.

  1. What musical projects have you been working on lately?

    Currently I am working on two other projects besides 7FT Soundsystem. One project with producer Big Space, we called the project Big Foot. This project is free from any constraints and we don't follow any rules and we smash together all our musical influences and end up with a hip hop type dub infused/ half kwaito groove collection, its a lot of fun to not focus so much on detail in the production phase and put out raw beats that sound good on a soundsystem.

    The other project I'm working on, which is yet to be given a name, is a long time goal of mine. Its strictly dark digital/steppas dub project - a no compromise dub/reggae sound. On this project I'm collaborating with pioneer unit record label owner and pure solid producer, Dplanet. We look to have an album ready round July 2012.

  2. When did you start making music and what made you start?

    I've played instruments sporadically through out my life, but my first real creative project worth mentioning was a seven piece dub/ punk band that I played bass for called 7th Son. Bands like Sublime were a major influence at the time. I left the band to go live in europe in 2006. And after a three year musical sabbatical I returned to Cape Town and started my current project 7FT Soundsystem.

  3. How would you describe your current sound?

    Well, as I delve deeper into the reggae world and discovered the infinite realm of bass driven music known as dub, I found myself listening to nothing else and to this day soundsystem culture presents me with newly discovered treasures.

    I would say that I consider my sound to be a modern day interpretation of old school digital dancehall/dub, soundsystem culture, mixed in with all the influences of growing up in the 80's with a video game console always within arms length. As well as a solid pre-reggae foundation in 90's hip hop.

  4. Who are your biggest influences; musical or otherwise?

    Well outside of music, I'd say its pretty tough finding solid role models these days...

    Musically, I'd say that the people who have inspired me the most over the last 3 years, to name a few...Disrupt (Jahtari), Bo Marley (Jahtari), Pupajim/Stand High Patrol, Eek a Mouse, Yellowman, Mungo's Hi-Fi (Scotch Bonnet), Maffi, Courtney Melody, Prince Jammy (computerized dub album specifically) Riddim Tuffa crew, Martin Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Roots Manuva, Easy T Jam (Esperanza Soundsystem) has past on a lot of musical knowledge. But like I said before it, this dub thing is infinite..

  5. What is an average day in your life?

    I've managed to avoid getting a 9-5 job since I left Europe in 2009, but paying the rent with dub has had its challenges.

    The average day usually en tales waking up and doing an internet/admin session. Then pretty much do anything you can utill inspiration strikes. I try make music at least once a day, but it comes in waves .. So many distractions in Cape Town. Its a beautiful city filled with good people and lots of beer. There's always something going down, either a beach session, parties or bbq's. With such good climate it difficult to get any work done... I am in the process of launching my own label, so I'm busy with that trying to get it off the ground.

  6. What are some of your pet peeves?

    Hmmm, I hate it when people walk slowly. I can't stand toilet brushes, you'd think in this day an age there would be a more hygienic solution. Slow internet is worse then now internet - Africa has this problem a lot. Shit music and people that listen to shit music. I'll never diss someone for making shit music, but I feel I'm allowed to judge people that listen to shit music... Ha! I think that's enough for now.

  7. Thinking back to your childhood, what were your first experiences with music? What songs do you remember most as a child?

    Going to a Jewish school there was always a lot of singing, so I think melodically I definatly absorbed some traditional vibes. 80's tv show theme songs always seem to appear during my creation process. And I have a very strong memory of Dawn Penn's No No No - I was petrified of that song as a child... Couldn't listen to it... Big tune though.

  8. Do you have any other interests or talents that you would like to share?

    Not really, if this dub thing can't sustain my lifestyle it seems that I would run out of options pretty fast. I am learning how to develop websites though.

  9. How do you like to relax when you are not making music?

    I wouldn't classify myself as the most relaxed person around, but I'd have to say, the right combination of people and some beer and good food usually does the trick.

  10. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

    Not really.. Thanks for listening.