Lover’s Rawk - Balanced Records

Lover’s Rawk
Rise Ashen
Format: Free Download
Label: Balanced House

Lover’s Rawk

Originally recorded in 2005, Lover's Rawk is a classic Rise Ashen mix which journeys through nu jazz to deep and techy house material by artists such as Beanfield, Shaun Escofferey and Jazzanova.


  1. Beanfield - Tides - Carl Craig Remix
  2. Fenomenon - Time- Ernesto's Emotional Memory Remix
  3. Vector Lovers - Melodies + Memory
  4. Shaun Escofferey - Into the blue - 4Hero Remix
  5. P'Taah - Staring at the Sun - Atjazz Remix
  6. Sergio Flores ft. Anna Hais - Rosa Nova
  7. Aaliyah - Miss You - DH RIP Remix
  8. The Strike Boyx - Music's in the air
  9. Shade of SOul Ft. Mani Hoffman - Our Music
  10. Jazzanova - That Night