[email protected] - Balanced Records

[email protected] is a one man music project based out of Winnipeg. Fascade's musical fascination began with electric guitar but progressed to include keyboards, turntables, samplers and computers. Besides the many hours spent as an artist, [email protected] has also accumulated experience at the other side of the recording process working as a producer/engineer for several studios. Combining elements of both live instrumentation and sampled soundscapes, [email protected] looks to sooth and challenge listeners. The Premonition EP was [email protected]'s 6 song debut release on independent Conversion Theory Records. An intriguing blend of hip-hop beats, creamy jazz loops and strange spoken word clips the music is sure to entertain. In Spring 2005, Fascade released his first full length CD - Character of the Moment on Balanced. He has since collaborated with a number of producers and contributed a gorgeous remix of Lost Touch by Solidaze on the Pleasure from Precision Remixed EP. He has also produced a remix of L'adversaire from famed film composer Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, etc) on Link Pins, and contributed tracks to the Northern Faction series.